Rotterdam - Gdansk

    The objectives for the project in Gdansk were to create a more resilient area which can adapt to climate change, by improving urban water cycle and create green infrastructure to support the local ecosystem.

    Both Rotterdam and Gdansk are port cities, and they face some similar issues with water and climate. Other challenges however are markedly different. Whereas Rotterdam’s neighbourhoods are generally on a single level, the hills of Gdansk make water management there quite a different issue. The urban environment however is the same, and this makes for an interesting comparison. How can you best create a liveable public space in which people can work, live and study, while also dealing with more extreme weather conditions caused by climate change both now and in future?

    Topics the students will have to take into consideration:
    Water, flooding, land ownership, quality of public space, noise, access to public transport, safety, heat stress, biodiversity, space availability, urban planning. Water/flooding

    General focus in this project:

    • Water management
    • Civil engineering
    • Real estate and housing management
    • Urban planning