Rotterdam - Hamburg

    The objectives in the port-cities of Hamburg and Rotterdam for this session are similar: how to create a more functional and appropriate outside area in accordance with local needs?

    To find out, two sites in Rotterdam and Hamburg will be analysed by teams of students. Often these areas perform multiple functions: from tourist hotspots to local marketplace, to favourite hang-out spot, to routes to work/transportation nodes. How to integrate all these diverse uses and wishes of various stakeholders involved is a big challenge, especially taking into account the fact that the solution should also be resilient and climate-proof. If done correctly, a successful redesign can greatly enhance the quality and usefulness of the areas for all involved parties. A real opportunity here to make an impact on people’s daily lives. 

    Topics the students will have to take into consideration:
    Urban heating, tourism, public transport, local inhabitants, marketplace area, schools, noise, quality of living, urban planning, and biodiversity. 

    General focus in this project:

    • Urban planning
    • Facility management
    • Civil engineering
    • Real estate and housing management
    • Building engineering