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Rotterdam Business School

Business study programmes in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Business School (RBS) is the international business school of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.



Different levels

Bachelor and Master. You can choose:

Bachelor programmes

Four year study programmes
  • International Business and Languages

    International Business and Languages (IBL) is a broad English-taught study programme focused on European languages and international marketing and communication.

  • International Business and Management Studies

    International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) is an English-taught management study programme focusing on all the major aspects of international business and management.

  • Trade Management for Asia

    Trade Management for Asia (TMA) aims to produce future managers who are well versed in all aspects of international business, with a special focus on Asia.

  • Open day & evening

    During the open days and evenings, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) welcomes all Bachelor students who want to study in Rotterdam.

Master programmes

One-year study programmes
  • Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship

    Through the one-year Master in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship you will achieve a deep understanding of enterprises and learn how to effectively advise clients or lead your own business.

  • Master in Finance and Accounting

    The Master in Finance & Accounting will enable you to build the knowledge and analytical skills needed to design and implement the management systems used to plan and control a firm's performance.

  • Master in Logistics Management

    Take your knowledge of Logistics & Supply Chain management to the next level and transform your managerial and leadership skills with a one-year Master in Logistics Management.

Master's Foundation Programme

Prepare for a Master
  • Master’s Foundation Programme

    For if you have a bachelor degree in Business but do not meet the IELTS/TOEFL entry requirements, or if you feel you need some extra preparation for a Master programme.

Exchange programmes

6 months or 1 year
  • IBL exchange programme

    Learn which laws apply to international companies and which opportunities and restrictions there are. Learn how to deal with different business cultures.

  • IBMS exchange programme

    IBMS is a broad study programme covering all aspects of business and management.

  • TMA exchange programme

    You will join regular year 3 Trade Management for Asia (TMA) students. Import and export are part of the core activities of a Trade Manager specialising in Asia.

Summer courses

Study during the summer
  • European Summer University

    Based on intensive practical oriented lectures and site visits, the programme will show you how mobility of goods and people can be approached in a sustainable manner.

  • Application procedures

    To get enrolled for a study programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you have to regard various procedures for different programmes.

  • Admission requirements

    When you want to study at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will have to meet the admission requirements.

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