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Rotterdam Business School (RBS) is the bilingual business school of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. International business is what it is all about at Rotterdam Business School (RBS). This page is dedicated to our English-taught Bachelor and Master programmes, currently 4000 students are enrolled.



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Rotterdam Business School (RBS) is the bilingual business school of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, programmes are offered in Dutch and English. Over 12,000 students and 800 staff members study and work within the Rotterdam Business School.

We offer a range of study programmes in the fields of Commerce, Finance, International Business and Management. Within this variety of programmes, we all share the same passion: creating an impact on society by contributing to the development of young people.

More than 4000 students are currently enrolled in our English-taught Bachelor and Master programmes. Just like in the world of business, our focus is international. Over 65 nationalities are represented amongst our student population. Real-life business cases provided by international companies are at the heart of many courses. They challenge our students to learn to act quickly and decisively, and to base their decisions on growing experience and healthy reflection. We work closely with partners in the business and education communities in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas to offer our students the global outlook and experience they need to succeed.

Rotterdam is known for its cultural diversity and hands-on mentality, we aim to reflect this in our teaching. Social issues are at the heart of our education. Rotterdam Business School uses a practical and multidisciplinary approach to contemporary topics and combines teaching with professional practice and research.  We see our students as changemakers and our education as a playground for innovation.

No one knows what the business world will look like 10 years from now. However, one thing is certain, it will be totally different than it is today: more digital, international, sustainable, social and versatile. What organisations primarily ask of our students, is that they are able to cope with change, that they can identify new trends and turn them into advantages. This is exactly what we teach them and why we say: our students are the future of the business world.

Why choose RBS?

6 reasons to choose RBS


Rotterdam is truly a world city. Home to the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam has global trade and transport links. The city's history of international trade has helped to shape what is now seen as the typical 'roll up your sleeves and get cracking' Rotterdam mentality. Known as the Netherlands' ultimate festival city, Rotterdam buzzes with activity all year round. Cultural, sporting, and music events are plentiful, while the diversity of cultures means that the cuisine is truly global, too.

Rotterdam is home to more than 170 nationalities and many cultures, subcultures and communities make for a diverse, inclusive and open urban culture. It’s no wonder that more and more international companies and expats settle and build their future in Rotterdam.

International environment

With students from all over the world, our focus is fully international.  Besides being part of an international classroom you will have the opportunity to get international experience through projects for international companies and placements or study abroad.

Practice makes Perfect

Education at Rotterdam Business School follows the Rotterdam Education Model (REM), a mixture of knowledge accumulation, practical experience and personal development. All bachelors' programmes include periods of practical work experience and study or placement abroad. Masters' programmes also incorporate a period of practical training. This allows students to gain both experience in their field and a taste of international business even before they graduate.

Learn from Professionals

The international teaching staff at Rotterdam Business School have years of experience in the business world. Many lecturers have held positions in (international) companies in the Netherlands or abroad. Many still work as practitioners or consultant in their various fields. Their experience translates into relevant professional knowledge for and real-life case studies for their students.

Student Support

Student services at Rotterdam Business School are geared toward international students. All our lecturers and support staff speak English as well as many other languages.

The student support staff have lots of experience guiding international students and can help you with information about living in the Netherlands, resident permits, housing, insurance, and bank matters. They can also provide an airport pick-up service when you first arrive in the Netherlands.

Study Success

Each student at Rotterdam Business School is assigned a Study Career Coach at the start of their studies. This coach is will offer you personal guidance throughout your studies. They will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses which may impact your study progress and will advise you on the best options to help you towards successful completion of your study programme.


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