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International Supply Chain Management, Full-time

One-year full-time master in English, starts in September and February

Do you want to take your knowledge of Supply Chain Management to the next level? Are you looking to enhance your managerial and leadership skills?

A Supply Chain Manager is not a master of just one specific area in the supply chain; they are a master of all areas including sourcing, planning, transportation, distribution, warehousing, inventory management, customer service and strategic leadership. Our one-year intensive programme is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to transform yourself into a well-rounded Supply Chain Manager. You will participate in an intensive programme of combined classroom learning, company projects and self-led projects. In this environment, you will both broader and deepen your theoretical knowledge about Supply Chain Management while simultaneously developing your project management skills and cultivating your personal leadership capabilities. At the end of the programme, you will be an expert in the functional areas of Supply Chain Management and will be equipped with the skills necessary to manage the supply chain of an organisation.

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The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

The Competencies

The competencies that you will gain during the master programme will teach you how to properly address the demands of the business community and prepare you to navigate within a rapidly changing global business environment.

The competencies that you will obtain:

  • Competency 1: Holistic Approach
    A Master in International Supply Chain Management takes a holistic approach of the International supply chain, recognising the interdependencies of the various activities involved both internally and externally.

  • Competency 2: Operationalisation of strategic vision
    A Master in International Supply Chain Management translates and aligns the company’s strategic vision and operationalises and communicates this strategic vision with regards to logistics & supply chain issues such as: customer service, sourcing, production, planning, transportation, distribution, technology, ethics, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

  • Competency 3: Maximisation of value
    A Master in in International Supply Chain Management analyses opportunities and related costs, performance and risks to make well founded decisions with regards to leading and managing logistics and the supply chain.  Capitalises on changes and trends in both the internal and external environment, as well as develop relationships and networks.

  • Competency 4: End to end optimisation

    A Master in International Supply Chain Management organises, governs and improves logistics systems using balanced performance measurement based decision-making to support organisational goals. Manages processes and responsibilities within an organisation. Identifies and influences key stakeholders inside and outside of the organisation to drive supply chain initiatives through to completion. 


The Master International Supply Chain Management is a one-year full-time programme which guides students to make the link between understanding the fundamental supply chain management concepts, tools and techniques and to apply them effectively and successfully in real-life situations. We practice a genuine “Rotterdam hands-on and make-things-happen” approach which is our distinctive strength. An internationally-diverse and still active practitioner team of lecturers ensures that the teaching content and methods critically reflect reality.

We have designed an applied-based programme with a strong emphasis on holistic evidence-based problem-solving which is practised in class following the experiential learning model and executed in practice with extensive group work in highly diverse teams. The MSC programme is structured to provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in four learning stages; strategize, operationalize, perform and lead. The year is split into two semesters, within each semester there are 2 blocks, so 4 blocks within the year.

The programme culminates with the Master Thesis - the final and ultimate deliverable of the programme – which demonstrates the proof that the student has reached a master level of all the programme competencies.

Subject overview

A breakdown of the programme and subjects within specialisation you will experience are shown below


The modules for this year

After your study programme

Different possibilities

After your graduation

Congratulations! You just finished your Master in International Supply Chain Management and will receive the title Master of Science (MSc).

With your degree, you will receive a supplement, a DS-label. With this English document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when applying for other study programmes, when applying for a job or looking for the next step within a company or organisation.


The Masters in International Supply Chain Management will give you access to more career opportunities and senior positions in areas of supply chain management, logistics, warehousing and sourcing & procurement  via the following skillset:

  • Perform evidence-based strategic decision making in supply chain.
  • Assess and manage supply chain risk to create supply chain resilience.
  • Manage the supply chain while making effective use of relevant business and supply chain planning tools with end goal the maximization of value.
  • Practice supply chain project management and problem solving in real companies.  
  • Master to effectuate both group and independent supply chain applied research projects.
  • Focus on supply chain sustainability strategy, technology & innovation, and port & maritime management. 

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