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International Supply Chain Management, Part-time

Two-year master in English, February only intake

Do you want to take your knowledge of supply chain management to the next level? Want to take the next step in your supply chain career?

A Supply Chain Manager is not a master of just one specific area in the supply chain; he or she is a master in all areas including sourcing, planning, transportation, distribution, warehousing, inventory management, customer service and strategic leadership. Enhance your professional knowledge and skills via our part-time master programme.

Our part-time, 2 year programme, is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to develop yourself further and to enhance your career with regards to the Supply Chain Manager profession, and working in the supply chain field. You will participate in an intensive programme of combined classroom learning, in teams from multiple backgrounds, via company projects and self-led projects, focused on the supply chain field. In this environment, you will broaden and deepen your theoretical knowledge about Supply Chain Management while simultaneously developing your project management skills further, and broadening your personal leadership capabilities. At the end of the programme, you will be an expert in the functional areas of Supply Chain Management and will be equipped with the skills necessary to take that next step in your professional career.

Please note: this programme is for EU students & Non-EU students. Non-EU students that apply must already have a valid Dutch residence permit to be accepted to the programme.  To view the full admission requirements click here.

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Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

Three pillars

Excellence in Supply Chain Management is fast becoming a key factor in companies' competitive advantage. Companies worldwide spend up to 20 or 30 percent of their overall costs of the logistics, while proficiency in supply chain is demanded in management positions throughout organisations.

In sectors as varied as transport & production, a degree in Supply Chain Management will gain you a place among the decision-makers.

Programme structure

This Master programme is built on three pillars:

  • Education consists of core, specialisation and elective modules. You can to a large extent determine your own course while developing all the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies of a professional in international business.
  • Research is the focus of the final stage of our programmes. You will complete your studies with a thesis research project, which can revolve around a theoretical subject or a project executed for an existing organisation.
  • Personal development is encouraged through a system that invites you to set your own particular study goals - and continually test those choices.


The curriculum of the Master programme consists of general modules, specialisation modules and a leadership development track. This design was adopted to create the combination of knowledge, skills and competencies that all professionals in the business field must-have.

The first year will focus on the understanding of general modules which will provide a solid foundation of the Master Degree. During lectures and assignments you will learn how to apply various tools which will help you develop your insight with regards to supply chain, as well as management. The second year of the programme will be about specialisation and therefore will consist of writing multiple essays which analyse and solve real-life that are linked to port and maritime management. The final stage of your degree will be an individual thesis assignment, that will resolve a practice-based issue that is relevant to your professional field. 




Subjects overview

A breakdown of the programme and themes you will experience are shown below.  
*Please note, the programme is evolving and information is subject to change. 

Study load & Schedule

The year is split into two semesters, within each semester there are 2 blocks, so 4 blocks within the year. Each block consists of 8 weeks of classes followed by an exam period of one week. During the year you will have class, during the day, once a week, on a Thursday. Meaning, approximately 8 hours of class and 10 hours of self-study per week.*
*Please note, the programme is evolving and information is subject to change.  



"Pursuing my Masters while working is the exact solution I was looking for, I like the flexibility that Rotterdam Business School provides. This programme helped me gain a deeper understanding of how interconnected our world is and how the choices we make today, will influence the future of the supply chain environment we will be eventually working in tomorrow."- Joshua Lobato de Mesquita



Get to know

Get to know our study programme by watching this short video given by Arthur Fellinger, the Course Coordinator.

After your study programme

Different possibilities

After your graduation

Congratulations! You just finished your Master in International Supply Chain Management and will receive the title Master of Science (MSc).

With your degree, you will receive a supplement, a DS-label. With this English document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when applying for other study programmes, when applying for a job or looking for the next step within a company or organisation.


The part-time Masters in International Supply Chain Management will give you access to more career opportunities and senior positions, via the following skillset:

  • Managing and evaluating the supply chain while making effective use of relevant tools, principles, concepts, web-opportunities such as E-business.
  • Controlling the production planning and scheduling process.
  • Planning and forecasting to meet internal and external customer demands.

With your degree, you will receive a supplement, a DS-label. With this English document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when applying for other study programmes, when applying for a job or looking for the next step within a company or organisation.

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