Copyright Information Point

    Clarification of laws and regulations

    Everyone has to deal with copyright, when (re)using educational materials, presentations, publications or when writing an essay. Find out here what regulations may affect you.


    When you go beyond the text or image limits set by the Easy Access agreement, we're talking about a "long quotation". These are the options that are available to you in such a case:

    Free of charge

    Longer quotations without costs or required permission

    Linking to public internet information

    Linking to legitimately published material is legal, easy and free. Is a publication available somewhere on the internet? Then check whether the publication is lawfully online and create a link.

    Longer quotations from some library databases

    Uploading long quotations from the library collection in a closed learning environment is only permitted in a few cases. For the following databases you don't need permission for long quotations, permission is included in the license:

    Open Content & Government information

    If material has a Creative Commons license, the maker grants permission for distributing the work. You may share material with such a license in its entirety; just reference the source and under which licence the work falls.

    For government information, unlimited sharing is allowed from court decisions, (unredacted) legislative texts, regulations, "de Staatscourant", "het Staatsblad" and "het Tractatenblad". In the case of other government publications, copying is permitted unless the work states that all rights are reserved.

    Paid quotations

    Long quotations subject to conditions and for a fee

    Uploading to LMS

    When you want to share a long quotation (uploading) in a Learning Management System (e.g. LMS, MS Teams) you need permission and an additional fee must be paid. You can apply by filling out the Long Quotations Form.

    Take note: Permissions for long quotations are valid only for the academic year, and number of students they were requested for. If you want to keep on using the long quotation beyond this term, submit a new request. Costs for long quotations within the LMS must be paid by your department.

    Permission straight from the copyright holder(s)

    Do you have permission for a long quotation from the copyright holder? Include written permission with the quotation. Are you the author of the publication? Whether sharing on a LMS or in a reader is allowed depends on the publishing agreement.