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Clarification of laws and regulations

Almost everyone has to deal with copyright law: when (re)using educational material, presentations, publications or when writing an essay. Find out here what regulations may affect you.


Frequently asked questions

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No, copying and printing is only allowed for personal use. So as a teacher you can't print and distribute a complete article either. What is allowed, is placing a hyperlink to the article in the electronic learning environment. When you do want to distribute an article in full as a hardcopy, then the rules for a long takeover apply. You have to request permission from "stichting UvO". Go to the section about Readers for more information. Go to the 'Readers' section for more information.

No, without the permission of the copyright holder it is not allowed to scan an entire book en put it on the LMS. It is allowed to copy a part of the book, as long as it conforms to the rules about short quotations. Go to the 'Readers' section for more information.

Only when you have (written) permission from the copyright owners. Downloading and re-uploading audiovisual material counts as republishing, even when this is done in a closed system and for educational purposes. Check the databases of the library whether the video is part of a collection, because it is always allowed to link to that.

Only when you have the aproval of the copyright holder (often the last publisher). This approval has to be in writing, for example in an agreement or an e-mail.

This depends on whether it's about long or short quotations. Short quotations are handeld by the reader arrangement, long quotations have to be reported to the UvO foundation beforehand. More information on this subject can be found in the 'Readers' section.

No, you are only allowed to make a copy for personal use. This is part of the "copy at home" levy.

That depends or the terms of use of the publisher. Some publishers allow you to distribute the teacher material to students, but you're not allowed to modify it. Therefore pay close attention to the terms of use.

There are various online resources that provide images and illustrations at no costs and that can be used without restrictions. Take a look at the Open Content section for examples.

You may borrow up to 10.000 words or at most 1/3th from the entire work for free, to use in e.g. a reader. Go to the 'Readers' section for a complete overview of the rules.

That depends on where you found the casus and what the terms of use are. Contact us for help and support.

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