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Borrowing, Renewals and Reservations

All information for students and staff

At all library locations you can borrow, return, renew and reserve books and other materials.

Borrowing books via the selfservice

available at every library location

Borrowing books from the media library is free. All you need is your college ID to identify yourself. Students can also borrow using the QR code in the "Mijn HR" app: go to Profile and then select 'Borrow at the library'.

  • You can borrow a maximum of 15 books or other materials from the library.
  • The standard loan period is 3 weeks.
  • Books with a red dot can be used for study in the library. They are not loanable.
  • The loan period for calculators and USB sticks is 1 day.
  • Do you have an old college ID? It still works fine in the library, as long as the barcode is readable.
  • If a book is marked red on the screen when you're trying to borrow it, you can't borrow it because it's an in-house copy or because it's reserved for someone else.
  • If you have any other problems, ask a library employee.

Borrowing at the college library

free for Rotterdam University staff & students


What you need to now about borrowing at the college library

  • In order to check out your books you need to have your college card with you.
  • Borrowing is free!
  • You can borrow up to 15 books or other materials.
  • You can check out your own books at the selfservice desk in the library.
  • The standard loan period is 3 weeks.
  • When your loan period has expired, you have to either return or renew you materials within 1 week. Failing to do so will result in late fees of 1 euro / item / week (with a maximum of 5 euro / item).
  • Your account will be blocked when your late fees exceed €15. This includes fees from items you haven't returned yet.


How can you extend your loan?

  • Log in on your personal START account. Here you will see an overview of the items you borrowed, with the possibility to renew them.
  • Renewal is also possible at the self-service deks in the library. You only need to have your student or employee card with you for this.

Rules & Limitations

  • Books you borrowed can be renewed a maximum of ten times via internet or the self-service desk at the library.
  • Borrowing and renewing is blocked when your late fees exceed €15. This includes fees from items you haven't returned yet. You will be unblocked when the fine is paid in full.
  • Renewing is not possible when a book has been reserved.


How to Place a reservation

  1. Go to START and search for the book you want to reserve.
  2. In your search results, click the title of the book to go to the detail view
  3. Click the "Reserveren | Place Hold" button.
  4. Choose the pickup location location. Keep in mind that sending a book to a different location can cause a delay of up to two working days.
  5. Wait until you get an e-mail which states that your reservation is ready for pickup.


  • Making a reservation is only possible when one or more copies of a title have been borrowed. When all copies are available in the library no place hold-button will appear. This means you have to visit the library to borrow a copy.
  • A reserved book will be available for pick-up for 5 working days.
  • Books that are on loan by other patrons, are reserved automatically when they are returned. A book on the shelf is available to anyone until a library employee has taken it off the shelf for you.


Book returns

When you no longer need your books, or the loan period has expired, you can return them to the library. Please do remove any bookmarks or post-its: other patrons will thank you!

  • You can return your books at any library location.
  • At the Wijnhaven and Kralingse Zoom library you can return your books at the self service desk (where you can also check out your books). This is only possible during opening hours.
  • Academieplein and Museumpark library have a separate drop off point. At Museumpark you can find it in the corridor to the right of the library entrance. At Academieplein take the stairs to the right of the main entrance and walk down the corridor on the left. Important: place your books on the conveyor belt one at a time.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your returned books on your e-mail account within an hour.
  • Late fees? You can pay your fines at the PinStation, using your bank card.

Borrowing at other libraries

at a reduced rate

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Service pass

With a free service pass you can access the digital collection at the university library, read books and make use of the wifi network. However borrowing books is not possible. For this you need a membership. A service pass can be obtained at the frontdesk of the university library.


Students and employees of Rotterdam University can become a member of the EUR library for the reduced fee of €15. With this one year membership you can borrow books. The whole procedure is listed on the Erasmus University Library website.

Royal Library


As a student of Rotterdam University you get a 50% discount on a "Koninklijke Bibliotheek" membership. With this you get access for 1 year to the digital resources of the royal library. You can also make use of the archives and reading rooms at the KB in the Hague.

All information regarding a KB membership

Requesting books and articles elsewhere

by Inter Library Loan (ILL)

Found a book or article that's not available in our collection? Often you can still obtain it by requesting it from another university library. This service is free for employees, students pay a fee of €2,50 for an article and €7,50 for a book. The fee is added to your START account (after delivery) and you can pay it later in the library with your bank or creditcard.

How can you request a book or article?


  1. Start searching in START
  2. Set the Search in These Libraries filter on "Libraries Worldwide" or "Bibliotheken in Nederland".
  3. Find the book or article you need and click on the title.
  4. Click on  and fill in the form. Books or articles that are available in our own collection cannot be requested elsewhere. 

  With Library Access

The Library Access browser extension automatically shows a popup to request an article whenever you find something that's not available through our databases.
More information

  Manually via our ILL form

Complete this online form for your book or article request.


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