Next to your studies

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has a range of different facilities which it offers to its students. From ICT facilities and libraries to restaurants and sport facilities, there will never be a dull moment.

Facilities on location

Depending on your location, you have different facilities that are made available to you, for example ICT facilities, (media) library, and restaurants. You can also join Erasmus sport at sportcentrum Woudestein. 

Additional support


Student counsellors are available to help you with your study progress, questions about which study programme to choose, regulations, conflicts, student facilities, or personal problems.

Studying with a disability

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences values its students with functional disabilities and has adopted various measures in order to facilitate these students towards a successful completion of their studie. A functional disability can be a motor or sensory disorder, such as dyslexia, RSI (repetitive strain injury), visual or hearing impairment, chronic illnesses, motor impaired or AD(H)D. In addition, there are psychological problems such as concentration problems, fear of failure, autism and depression, which are all functional disabilities.

Based on your personal situation, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers various possibilities. For example: separate exam rooms, lenient absent regulations, alternative ways of testing, spreading tests out over time, extra time, enlarged printed tests, resting rooms, etcetera.

Education Agreement

When you need a modification or facility services, you can make use of an education agreement. It includes all possibilities that are available for a student with special educational needs. This agreement is part of the privacy regulation, which is why it does not appear on diplomas or grade lists.

Power Platform

Do you want more information about studying with a functional disability? Or do you want to meet students at the school with a functional disability? Then you may contact the Power Platform; this is a platform for students with a disability or chronic illness. The Power Platform regularly organises fun, informative and educational activities. For more information, please e-mail PowerPlatform@hr.nl or check their Facebook page facebook.com/hrpowerplatform.

Help Desk Dyslexia

If you encounter problems during your study as a result of dyslexia, the Help Desk Dyslexia and you will look at what you or your study programme may be able to do to help.  In addition, the Help Desk Dyslexia is available for individual support. All students with dyslexia can take the elective Leerroute Dyslexie (dyslexia learning route). For more info please e-mail helpdeskd@hr.nl.


The school has signed a covenant with the National Expertise Centre Handicap & Study (Only available in Dutch). It states that students at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences with a functional disability will be supported as much as possible during their studies.

More information

Elly Stoop-Oole
Counsellor’s office / 'Studying with functional disability'
Kralingse Zoom 91, 3063 ND Rotterdam
Room KZ.B2.119 (CoIA)
tel. 010 - 794 6391
Working days: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Ivar Janssen
Coordinator PowerPlatform
Museumpark 40, 3015 CX Rotterdam
Room MP.H00.050
tel. 010 - 794 6691
Working days: Monday through Friday

Studying as a top athlete

As a top athlete, you know more than anyone how difficult it can be to keep achieving in your sport and in your studies. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences does its utmost to facilitate top athletes, so that you get the highest possible return on the investments you make in both areas. 

Can you spare enough time for studying? What can you do when you miss an exam because you had to go to training camp or competed in a championship tournament? How do you deal with group assignments if you can not always be there? Sport and studies can be a tough combination.

Facilities for top athletes

We can help you to synchronise your study programme with your training and match schedules, for example with:

  • Flexible timetables
  • Extra exam dates
  • Flexible placement periods
  • Extra guidance by your study career coach

Expected commitments from top athletes

Of course, in return we ask extra efforts from top athletes:

Before the start of each study period you have to  plan the sport and study activities carefully, and discuss it with your coach. Just like regular students, you have to follow electives. If your sport activities make this impossible, there are other ways to get the study points in question.

Application top athlete status

To be able to make use of the mentioned facilities you need to have a top athlete status (according to the NOC*NSF norm, or playing at the highest national level,) You can apply for this status via student counsellor/top athlete coordinator Mr Jan van Westrenen. He will help you get the status confirmation and will refer you to the person in your department with whom you can synchronise sport and studies.

Who are your predecessors?

The top athlete facilities that Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers prove to be successful, and are provided throughout the school. Names of well-known athletes who have already used these facilities are, to name a few:

Maartje Paumen (field hockey), Jeroen Hertzberger (field hockey), Wianka van Dorp (rowing), Marhinde Verkerk (judo), Nouchka Fontijn (boxing), Rogier Hofman (field hockey), Alexander Brouwer, Robert Meeuwsen and Christiaan Varenhorst (beach volleyball), Danick Snelder (handball), Thomas Verhaar (soccer), Melaica Tuinfort (bench press) and Guusje Steenhuis (judo).

Dhr. J. van Westrenen
Counsellor / Topsportcoördinator
Hogeschool Rotterdam, Kralingse Zoom 91, 3063 ND Rotterdam
E-mail: Topsport@hr.nl 
Telefoon: 010 -  794 6284
Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Elly Stoop-Oole
Secretariat Counsellor / Topsport
E-mail: Topsport@hr.nl
Telefoon: 010 - 794 6391
Working days, Tuesday, Thurday and Friday

Peer coaching

You can obtain different sorts of peer coaching. Peer coaches are students from a higher year who help other students with their studies. They have excellent study results and have participated in the 'peer coaching' training course. Peer coaches have a realistic self-image and a positive attitude.

Peer coaches support you in the problem subjects and help you pass the exams. Another role of the peer coach is that of student mentor: a buddy for first-year students.

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