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    make your thesis publicly accessible through the HBO Knowledge Base

    A thesis is the culmination of your studies and can serve to represent you as you start out in the job market. So don’t stick it in a pile, but get it out there and publish it in the "HBO Kennisbank"! This way you not only work on your reputation, but also contribute to the knowledge exchange between research, education, the professional practice and society.

    The HBO Knowledge Base

    The HBO Kennisbank includes full-text theses, research publications and papers of students, lecturers and Professors. More than twenty Dutch institutions of higher education are affiliated. The HBO Knowledge Base is accessible for free and helps to make practice-oriented research visible to everyone. By uploading your thesis, you contribute to new research. So check if your thesis meets the requirements and use the dedicated upload form!

    What are the requirements for your thesis?

    1. It has been assessed with a minimal grade of 7.
    2. Your study programme allows you to upload your thesis yourself. All the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences study programmes do, except Physical Therapy, Marketing Management and Small Business & Retail Management.
    3. You have the client’s permission to publish the thesis (in reference to confidential or company-sensitive information).
    4. It does not contain any copyrighted material for which you do not have permission of the entitled parties. This usually concerns pictures or graphics. If possible use royalty-free images, or images covered in a Creative Commons license.
    5. It does not include any privacy-sensitive information. For example: names of people,  address data, telephone numbers of coaches, institutions and those interviewed. How can you make sure?
      1. Do not incorporate private information in your thesis. If necessary, include it on a separate insert sheet.
      2. Remove those sections of text and replace them with a statement such as: "### removed due to the confidential nature ###".
      3. When dealing with a large quantity of confidential data, include the data in a separate attachment which you do not publish.
      4. Anonymize: replace the names of internship companies, institutions, and/or persons by a different specification, or fictitious name.

        Source: Over publiceren van afstudeerwerken die vertrouwelijke informatie bevatten / Raymond Snijders.


    Hints for completing the publication record

    • Do not wait too long with uploading! When you aren't registered at this school anymore, you will no longer have access to the upload form.
    • Click on the blue "Start met invoeren" button to start. All changes are automatically saved.
    • At "Gebruiksrecht" (user rights) decide what kind  of conditions for publication you want. By choosing a Creative Commons license, you will make re-use of your thesis simpler. Read all about it on the website of Creative Commons.

    Please also check the Quick reference guide


    Got questions about uploading your thesis, or about the HBO Knowledge base??

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