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Copyright Information Point

Clarification of laws and regulations

Almost everyone has to deal with copyright law: when (re)using educational material, presentations, publications or when writing an essay. Find out here what regulations may affect you.


The Copyright Information Point

Who we are and what we do

The CIP supports education and research with everything that's copyright related. Our main responsibilities are education and answering questions about copyright. The information point consists of Evalien Langhorst, Arnaud Zwakhals, Laura Wilborts en Mariska van Schouten. The CIP is part of Netwerk Auteursrechten Informatiepunten (NAI) from the college library cooperative.

What is copyright?

Copyright is the right of the creator of a work to determine how, where and when his or her work can be made public or be reproduced. Copyright is automatically applied and is founded in the copyright act. The rights to a work that has been created in service of an employer (or on assignment), are owned by the employer. This conforms to the collective agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences, article E-7 and article 7 of the Dutch copyright act.