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Copyright Information Point

Clarification of laws and regulations

Almost everyone has to deal with copyright law: when (re)using educational material, presentations, publications or when writing an essay. Find out here what regulations may affect you.


Open Publications

Make your research available as open access

Open Access

What is Open Access?

Open Access is a broad international academic movement that aims for free access to scientific information, like publications and data. A publication is Open Access when everyone an read, download, distribute, print and index the content. There are no financial, juridical, or technical barriers to access the information.

een brede internationale academische beweging die streeft naar vrije, gratis online toegang tot wetenschappelijke informatie, zoals publicaties en data. Een publicatie is Open Access wanneer iedereen de inhoud kan lezen, downloaden, distribueren, printen en indexeren. Er zijn dan geen financiële, juridische of technische barrières om de informatie te lezen. Continue reading on the Dutch Open Access website.




Green of gold

When you want publish as Open Access there are two routes to chose from.

  • Green route: Publish via the repository of your own organisation. The entire publication is freely accessible for everyone.
  • Golden route: Use Open Access publishers. Often they will charge you the costs for publishing: the so called APC. This is a fee that an author or organisation has to pay to make the article freely accessible.

The green route is easier to accomplish then the gold one.



Rotterdam University has it's own repository: SURFsharekit. Here research papers from the knowledge centers are made available through the "green route". Publications in this repository are visible at Projects & Publications, the HBO knowledgebase and NARCIS.

Open SURFsharekit 


The Sherpa/Romeo database can be used to find out what the embargo period is for uploading a published article that you want to put into the repository. It also tells you in what form: a pre-print, post-print, or a PDF or the original publication.

Creative Commons

Open Access publications have to be given a Creative Commons license so it's clear in what way the material is allowed to be used. The recommended license for Open Access publications is CC BY. This means someone has to mention the name of the original author when reusing the publication. More information on the various types of CC licenses can be found on the Creative Commons website.

Open Science

What is Open Science?

Open science is the practising of science in a sustainable manner which gives others the opportunity to work with, contribute to and make use of the scientific process. This allows users 'from outside of the science world' to influence the research world with questions and ideas and help gather research data.
Continue reading on the Dutch Open Science website

Publication policy

In development

Currently, the policies for publishing research publications and data are still in development. The policy will determine how one can publish at Rotterdam University and what factors have to be taken into account. As long as this policy hasn't been determined, this purpose of this page is just to inform.

How publications can currently be made available is summarized in the decision tree (pdf).