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    In the know. For the new economy.

    We are the center of expertise in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship of Hogeschool Rotterdam. Our practice-oriented research is driving new insights and innovation in education and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We support SMEs by reducing complexity in the major ambitions they have to contribute to societal change, by concretising their issues into clear, company-specific research questions. Together with entrepreneurs, students and lecturers, we look for the answer to the issue at stake, resulting in practical and reliable tools for the business in the region.


    In the know. For the new economy.

    We need to fundamentally rethink the functioning of the economy at large. As we are critical socio-economic challenges, due to the climate crisis and the digitization, businesses need to adapt and they need to adapt quickly. We see a leading role for SMEs in this transition towards a green and sustainable future. What is needed is often adaptability and a bit of help to get up-to-speed to work with modern technologies, so that these companies attract the best of people. An agile, futureproof SME helps Rotterdam to stay stable and on top. But, how can we contribute to this ambition? How can we help our entrepreneurs in the region to contribute to this social challenge?

    Win-win: innovating SMEs and higher economic education

    Our mission is on one hand to inspire the SME community with solid and reliable knowledge about innovation, while at the same time contributing to keep economic education on a top level. With our practice-oriented research, we develop insights and practical toolboxes that strengthen the adaptability of SMEs in the region. We focus on impact, inspiring companies to change business models, by translating technological and social developments into their business model. If these companies can implement the changes, it results in better and sustainable competitiveness for the business. We focus mainly with our research on our key topics: (strategic) leadership, digital economy, circular economy & purpose economy.

    We offer practical and independent help for entrepreneurs who would like to lead the way in the societal transition towards a sustainable future, but do not know where to start. We bring professors, researchers, lecturers and students together to delve into a practical issue.

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