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Digital Economy

Research Programme of Research Centre Business Innovation

How can businesses digitalise their production chain and production process? And how can they profit from new technology?

Within this theme, knowledge to renew and digitalise business processes is being developed. In addition, researchers spend time on innovations in business models, product market combinations and marketing concepts as these become available through big data and new information technology.

Digitalisation demands much from the management of SMEs. Students will be confronted by this as well, once active in the professional field. They do not need to be ICT specialists, but do need to know the digitalisation context and be able to utilise ICT. In the region of Rotterdam all sectors are affected by digitalisation, specifically the transport sector, where new IT platforms will be introduced. In addition, the manufacturing industry needs to become ‘smart’ in order to survive. This theme partly links to the Roadmap Next Economy theme of  ‘Digital Gateway’.


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