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Introduction Days

Welcome to our international students

During the international introduction days (Welcome to ROFFA) we welcome our international students at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The main goal of the programme is to learn more about Rotterdam, the Netherlands, immigration matters, school and each other!


Welcome to ROFFA

Rotterdam Open Festivities For All

We are very excited to welcome you in August 2022 to Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS). After more than 2 years of online introduction activities, it’s finally time to welcome you in person again! 

To celebrate this, we decided to start fresh and call our programme: Welcome to ROFFA. Besides the link to our lovely city, ROFFA stands for Rotterdam Open Festivities For All 🥳

We are the Centre of International Affairs and we will organise the introduction programme for all new international students.  

Each year we welcome more than 1000 international students, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to meet your fellow students! We believe that, besides the administrative part, the social part plays a very important role.

Our international students receive a personal invitation for these international introduction days. These days take place prior to the general introduction of your programme. During the general introduction days (STARTWEEK) you will get to know your coach, classmates and schedule.

Get to know your new home in the meantime...

Social activities

The Centre of International Affairs (CoIA) will organise multiple social activities in order for you to get to know the city and other international students better. The introduction period for the February intake will be announced soon.

Take a look at how the previous Intro period went 

When do you need to be here?

February 2023 Intake:

The official start date for the introduction will be confirmed in January.  For more information, you can contact our Intro team:

September 2023 Intake:

The Welcome to ROFFA programme will take place end of August. The Centre of International Affairs of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences organises activities that are for all new international students. 

On the 21st of August, we will kick off our Welcome to ROFFA programme. Presence is mandatory for all new incoming students.

Detailed information about the programme and social activities will be e-mailed mid-July. For more information, you can contact 


Invitation introduction

Specific invitation

All students, Bachelor, Master and Exchange who are going to study at our University of Applied Sciences will get a specific invitation for the introduction per programme via e-mail.


During Introduction Week you have the opportunity to join the Rotterdam International Student Association, also known as RISA.

Each year RISA organises lots of activities for both Dutch and international students alike, including social dinners and parties (boat party, beer-pong), international trips, sporting events, guest lectures, sustainability events etc.

Visit the RISA website for the latest news and events.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Student Support

If you want to study in the Netherlands, there are a few things you need to arrange beforehand. Please take a look at the sections: municipality, residence permit, tuberculosis test, Dutch bank account.



Need a Dutch mobile phone number?

The Centre of International Affairs has developed two solutions for you if you would like to get a Dutch phone number. You might ask, what's the need of getting a Dutch number? After arriving in the Netherlands, you will notice a Dutch phone number is necessary for a couple of things, such as opening a Dutch bank account and creating your DigiD account, which gives you access to many services offered by the Dutch government. If you are planning to get a (part-time) job in the Netherlands, it will also be important to have a Dutch phone number so that companies and recruiters can easily contact you by phone. Below are two options for the phone number for you: 

Pay-as-you-go SIM Cards - Lebara 

CoIA has a stock of pay as you go SIM cards from provider Lebara, these SIM cards are located at the CoIA front desk and can be picked up during introduction week or anytime during the year. 

Pay Monthly - Expat Mobile 

Our Student Association, RISA, in association with CoIA offers international students Expat Mobile. This service has multiple options for students on a pay-monthly basis with also different contract lengths depending on whether you are spending a semester here or more. For more information on Expat Mobile please follow the link:

SIM through Expat Mobile


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