Introduction Days

    Welcome to our international students

    During the international introduction days (Welcome to ROFFA) we welcome our international students at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The main goal of the programme is to learn more about Rotterdam, the Netherlands, immigration matters, school and each other!


    Tuberculosis test

    What you need to know for your Tuberculosis test


    To keep the Residence Permit, some non-European students need to visit the Dutch Public Health Authority (GGD) after they arrived in the Netherlands. They will undergo a medical test for tuberculosis (TB). This is a requirement from the IND (Dutch Immigration Office). 

    Do I need to undergo the TB test?

    Depending on your nationality, you may have to be examined for the TB test. If your nationality is on this list, you do not have to undergo the TB test.

    If your nationality is not on this list, it means that you do have to undergo the TB test. Students need to pay € 50,00 for their first TB screening. You can pay with the debit card, but not with cash or a credit card

    Please note that if you wait more than 3 months to undergo the TB test, you may risk having your Residence Permit withdrawn.

    Schedule an appointment

    The Centre of International Affairs will schedule a group appointment for all students who need to undergo a TB test. You will receive more information about this during the introduction days. In case you can’t attend the group appointment, you will need to schedule an individual appointment. One of our Student Support staff members is more than happy to assist you. However, please note that it’s your own responsibility to make an appointment and to undergo the TB test.

    Required documents

    When you go to the GGD for a tuberculosis check, please make sure to:

    • print and bring your completed Tuberculosis examination referral form with you to your appointment
    • Bring your passport
    • Bring a copy of your insurance policy with you.
    • Bring your residence permit card (VVR), or the MVV positive advice letter/VVR approval letter if you don’t have your residence permit card yet.


    This test requires a fully exposed upper body scan and you will be required to take the test every 6 months. In the coming months a blood test might replace the body scan. After you have taken the TB test you have to hand in the Tuberculosis Examination Referral form to the GGD staff. They will send the form to the IND.