Health Insurance

    Insure yourself properly

    When preparing for your stay in the Netherlands, it is very important to ensure that you will be properly insured during your stay. By law, it is mandatory to have health insurance. We also recommend taking out liability insurance.

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers student insurance with the Aon insurance company. Aon offers a complete cross border insurance policy for international students all over the world.

    When you are admitted to one of the programmes at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences you will be informed about the Aon insurance by the Centre of International Affairs office. At your request, CoIA can arrange a Complete+ student health insurance package for you at AON. The Complete + package includes pre-existing medical conditions and psychological conditions. For an overview of the coverage and exclusions, please visit the Aon website.

    If you would like CoIA to arrange this for you and have not yet notified us, please do so by sending us an e-mail. The insurance policy and documentation will be sent to you by e-mail. The insurance fee will be specified on your invoice. The costs are €681 for one year and €341 for six months. 

    If your programme will start in September then your insurance will start the 1st of September. If your programme will start in February then your insurance will start the 1st of February. If you are arriving before the 1st of February, or the 1st of September, please make sure you that you arrange a travel insurance that will cover your stay from the date that you arrive  until the start of your AON student insurance.

    Note: if you would like CoIA to arrange health insurance for you this insurance will be valid only for the first academic year or six months if you are exchange student. You will need to extend the insurance yourself before your policy expires. Please contact Aon for more information about extending your insurance.

    If you decide to take a part-time job you need a different health insurance. This is called 'Basic health insurance' ('Basiszorgverzekering' in Dutch). Please be aware that it is your own responsibility to have appropriate health insurance. For more information about insurance requirements in the Netherlands please click here 

    Please note that if you visit a dentist or doctor (GP) you will most likely need to pay in cash. Do not forget to ask for the receipt as you will need it in order to claim the amount with your insurance company. Aon claims can be submitted online