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For students & lecturers

The library helps you to better learn to search, process and refer information. Employees can contact us for advice on information literacy, Open Educational Resources and recording knowledge clips. Contact us for tailor-made assistance!


Making knowledge clips, web lectures and screencasts

In the Digital Learning Lab

The use of video is indispensable in today's education practice. The Digital Learning Lab (DLL) offers advice and support for recording, storing and sharing videos. You can make the video material you develop accessible via Mediasite, the video platform of Hogeschool Rotterdam. In Mediasite Showcase you will find videos that are publicly available. When you log in you will also see the videos that have been shared with your institution or service.

Web lectures and knowledge clips

In the DLL image studio (MP.H10.023) teachers can record knowledge clips or web lectures. Created videos are immediately saved on Mediasite. If you want to get started in the studio, you can reserve the space yourself or contact the studio managers. Support must be booked separately. There are Several recording studios available at RUAS.


With a screencast you make a recording of your computer screen with a voice-over. Computer workstations are available for this in the DLL Collaboration Room (MP.H10.020). This space can also be reserved to work on the development of new learning materials. If necessary, you can ask for support with the choice of tools and/or software. There are Macs and PCs available, 2 with a webcam and 2 with a Wacom drawing tablet.

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