Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. What is SSH?
      SSH is a foundation that specializes in providing short stay student accommodations.  Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences pre-orders a set amount of rooms from SSH.  These rooms are located in three buildings: Hatta Building, Robert Baeldestraat and Erasmus International House. 

    2. What are short stay rooms?
      Short stay rooms are rooms in which students can stay for a maximum of 1 year and a minimum of 5-months, depending on availability.

    3. Is it possible to rent a studio or a room that has a private bathroom and/or kitchen with SSH?
      No.  All rooms provided through SSH have a shared bathroom, shower and kitchen, and a private room with a bed, desk and closet. You will have either one or two roommates dependent on the room you choose.

    4. Do the rooms provided by SSH have internet?
      There is internet connection in all of the buildings and it is also included in the price.  However, you will need to bring your own Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi router.  A Wi-Fi router can be purchased at local electronic stores for around €30.

    5. How much do I need to reserve a room with SSH? 
      Towards the end of your registration process- after you have chosen the room you want- you will be asked to make a one-time payment.  This payment includes the first and last month’s rent and a registration fee of Euro 77,50. Payment is only possible by Credit Card and has to be paid within 24 hours of receiving the request.  Once your payment has been received by SSH, the room is automatically reserved in your name. The first payment can only be made via Credit Card.

    6. How do I pay rent?
      When you are a tenant and have moved into your room, you will be required to pay a monthly rent payment to SSH (excluding the first and last’s month’s rent).  This can be paid in two ways: direct debit and iDEAL. If you pay by direct debit, SSH will automatically deduct the rental amount per month on the first day of every month. If you choose to pay by iDEAL or credit card, you can do so on My SSH. However, you will first have to change the payment method yourself.

    7. When I log into the SSH system I don’t see the same rooms. Is this normal?
      Yes, this is normal. Before logging in you will see all of the rooms that are available. Once you log in, you will only see the rooms assigned to your criteria and gender. This will differ depending on whether you are an exchange or full degree student, male or female, and the length of your rental contract.

    8. How can I pick up my key?
      In order to pick up your key, please contact SSH directly via email: