ST-RAW Academic Collaborative Centre

    Publication date: 01 January 2015

    The ST-RAW academic consortium has been established to improve care and access to care for youngsters and their parents. The consortium developed a plan that includes fourteen organisations and important stakeholders (parents and youngsters, professionals in care, policymakers and researchers). It aims to develop and disseminate expertise and knowledge of the practical provision of youth care.


    The plan focuses on five main issues (so-called work packages) with the enhancement of self-power as their central and joint theme. The Research Centre Innovations in Care is involved in three of these work packages. The five work packages are:

    • Work package 1: Are we doing the right things?
    • Work package 2: Room for self-direction
    • Work package 3: The limits of self-power
    • Work package 4: The power of prevention  
    • Work package 5: The reflective professional

    The new youth care system is one of the ACC’s research topics. Instruments and methodologies are also studied and developed. Existing and new knowledge will be widely disseminated in various ways: website, newsletters, publications, presentations, conferences and networks. The acquired knowledge will also be used to improve lifelong learning of professionals.

    ST-RAW aims to develop itself into a place for (regional) knowledge, skills, and institutions that focus on youngsters and their parents. The ACC will pay considerable attention to the differences between the native Dutch and minority groups as well as parents and youngsters facing mental disabilities.

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    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Gemeente Rotterdam, CJG Rijnmond, Jeugdbescherming Rotterdam RijnmondYuliusHorizonIVO; institute for research in lifestyle and addiction, Platform for Participation and Citizenship in Rotterdam area (PBR), Erasmus MCHogeschool InhollandErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and Pameijer.





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