ST-RAW Academic Collaborative Centre

    Publication date: 01 January 2015

    The ST-RAW academic consortium has been established to improve care and access to care for youngsters and their parents. The consortium developed a plan that includes fourteen organisations and important stakeholders (parents and youngsters, professionals in care, policymakers and researchers). It aims to develop and disseminate expertise and knowledge of the practical provision of youth care.


    Patricia Vuijk (Applied research professor  Public Health and Prevention for Youth) and Toby Witte (Social Care for Youngsters at Risk) collaborate in the development of work package 5, which has ‘Professionalisation into a Reflective Practitioner’ as its focus. This work package has multiple goals, such as mutual dissemination of the knowledge acquired in all the work packages and promoting evidence-based practices by current and future youth professionals. Apart from expanding cognitive and developmental psychological knowledge, this work package also revolves around the improvement of professionals' attitudes and skills. A part of the activities towards further development takes place within the community of practice of the Sheltered Workplace for Youth under the supervision of the Rotterdam Sheltered Workplace. Fourth-year students at the School of Social Work will complete their graduation research within this community every year.