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ST-RAW Academic Collaborative Centre

Publication date: 01 January 2015

The ST-RAW academic consortium has been established to improve care and access to care for youngsters and their parents. The consortium developed a plan that includes fourteen organisations and important stakeholders (parents and youngsters, professionals in care, policymakers and researchers). It aims to develop and disseminate expertise and knowledge of the practical provision of youth care.


In the work package that revolves around ‘Room for self-direction’, the focus is on clients and their families to receive the right care at the right moment and to stimulate them to make their own choices for their life and future. This work package’s focal area is at the micro-level: in what way can resources like My Path promote the use of self-power? The My Path Workbook and App will be tested in several district teams and further developed for use with youngsters who have serious emotional and/or behavioural problems and are in danger of getting stuck or derailing in one or more areas of life. My Path is expected to stimulate that they find and express their own voice so that they can start to take charge of their own life and future. The research will involve professionals of district teams who will apply My Path with several youngsters in their caseload. The expected result is that My Path contributes to a better fit between the young clients’ wishes and needs and their treatment plan, so that their motivation and cooperation will increase and further deterioration may be prevented. It is also expected that this research will result in concrete findings as to the promotion of self-direction and self-power that can be fed into the (continuing) education of professionals. 

Mieke Cardol, Chris Kuiper and Inge Bramsen represent the research centre in this work package.