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Dr. Pepijn Roelofs

Senior Researcher

Pepijn Roelofs has worked at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences since 2006. He started as a researcher and lecturer at the research programme Work and Health. Before that he has worked as a company-based and self-employed physiotherapist and as a Work and Organization expert (Health Sciences UM).

Pepijn’s PhD research was aimed at secondary prevention of recurrent low back pain in homecare workers. His current research focuses on participation, work and health. Pepijn is co-supervisor for Stefanie van Opstal (school participation of children with HIV), Ellen Bakker and Jos Kox (prevention of dropout from the nursing profession among newly graduated nurses). He also supervises Marjolijn Bal (participation and self-management of youth with a chronic disease). For the Cochrane Collaboration he is a member of the Cochrane Back Group.

In education, Pepijn is coordinator and co-developer of the Innovation Lab ‘Healthcare Smarter Better’ (a minor within the Honours programme), and he is closely involved in the Work and Health minor and the Health Technology minor. In the regular bachelor’s programme he is especially involved in graduate research and in information literacy and evidence-based practice in the physiotherapy programme.


By Dr. Pepijn Roelofs

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