Employment-Related Concerns of HIV-Positive People in the Netherlands: Input for a Multidisciplinary Guideline

    Publication of Innovations in Care

    R. Dahmen, E.C.M. Gorp,van, S.E.M. Opstal,van, D.P.M. Brandjes, H.S. Miedema, P.D.D.M. Roelofs, M.N. Wagener | Article | Publication date: 01 December 2014
    Purpose Finding and keeping employment is difficult for people with HIV. To improve supportive care for people with HIV and employment-related problems, a multidisciplinary guideline was developed in the Netherlands in 2010/2011. To identify the employment-related concerns of people with HIV and to formulate the key questions for the guideline, we conducted a qualitative study. The results of this study are described in this article. Methods This study was performed in three HIV-treatment centers in the Netherlands. In total 18 participants participated in three focus-group interviews and nine participants were interviewed individually. The data were transcribed ad verbatim and were analyzed according to the principle of constant comparison. Results Our findings indicate that people with HIV in the Netherlands face many work-related concerns. The themes which emerged from this study were disclosure, stigma and discrimination, knowledge about HIV, physical and psychological factors, working conditions, absenteeism, reintegration, and dismissal and counselling. Conclusions This study provides insight into employment-related concerns for people with HIV living in a Western country. It formed the basis for the key questions which were addressed in a multidisciplinary, evidence-based guideline “HIV and work”. Finally, it gives leads for further scientific research and opportunities for improving the vocational guidance of people with HIV.

    Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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