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Effect evaluation of a vocational rehabilitation program for young adults with chronic physical conditions at risk for unemployment: a controlled clinical trial

Publication of Innovations in Care

M.I. Bal, S.R. Hilberink, P.D.D.M. Roelofs, W.M.A. Slot,van der, L. Bentvelsen, H.S. Miedema, M.E. Roebroeck | Article | Publication date: 28 June 2023
Background The work participation of young adults with chronic physical conditions lag behind compared to healthy age-mates. ‘At Work’ is a vocational rehabilitation intervention provided by occupational therapists, that supports them for entering the competitive labour market after graduating post-secondary education. Aim To evaluate the effects of ‘At Work’ on self-efficacy, work-ability and employment status as compared to usual care. Materials and methods In total, 88 young adults were included in a multicentre controlled trial; 49 entered ‘At Work’, 39 received usual care. GEE-analyses were applied. Results Scores on all outcome measures substantially improved over time in the intervention group, but no significant effects were found as compared to the control group. The effect on general self-efficacy showed a positive trend in favour of the intervention group. Conclusions and significance Unlike previous study results pointing to positive outcomes of At Work’, the current study did not support the effectiveness of this program on work-related self-efficacy, work-ability and paid employment, as compared to usual care. Yet, we did find an indication for positive intervention effect on general self-efficacy, which is known to be an important capacity to achieve social participation.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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