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Get involved!

Improve the online services

Would you like to help make My RUAS even better? Thanks in advance! The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is developing My RUAS on the basis of wishes and needs of students and staff.

How can you participate?

You can be invited to a workshop (sounding board session) with 8 to 12 people. This takes places about four times a year.

In-depth interviews lasting a maximum of one hour will allow us to talk to you about how My RUAS is helping you, and how it can be improved. These interviews are sometimes held together with a fellow student.

Several times a year, we test the improvements in My RUAS and its user-friendliness. In an online test environment, you then go through the new features.
Are you a student at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and will you soon be graduating in the field of digital media and user research? Please consider whether your skills can be put to use to improve My RUAS.

We can use your help!

Would you like to participate in one of these ways? Please sign up. Your opinion and suggestions will help us to improve My RUAS.

Yes, I would like to help out

Students are working on further development of the app and web version


We have set up a team environment, with different channels, for everyone who wants to be
involved in thinking about and discussing the development of My RUAS. 

Feedback on My RUAS

Perhaps you have encountered a bug when using My RUAS, or something is not working as
it should. We would like to hear about your experiences, so that we can improve My RUAS. 

I want to report a bug, or give feedback about My RUAS

My RUAS has been specially developed to support students at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in organising their studies. Due to technical limitations, it is at present not possible for staff to log in to this environment. Would you like to know more about the background of My RUAS and see the demo? Then please contact us at