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    Where and when is your class? What appointments have you got planned for today, other than study-related activities? Thanks to My RUAS, you can quickly check your day. That saves having to access different platforms. Handy, right?

    “I know exactly where and at what time my lesson is.”

    Rosa second-year student Management

    How is Rosa experiencing My RUAS?

    Just before I go to sleep, I always check tomorrow on My RUAS. It's nice to have everything in one place, so that I don't have to log in to different places to find out when and where my lessons are. This way, I have a clear overview of what to expect the next day. And I am never late for class, ha-ha.”

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    All your activities at a glance

    What time do you have to be at school today? How long can you study before you must leave for work? Do you still have time to meet up with your BFF this afternoon? The answer to all these questions can be quickly found in My RUAS. You can put together your own calendar. 

    It's not just for your lessons and exams, of course, but also for private appointments. Synchronising with Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, for example, is a piece of cake. So, you no longer need to check different calendars. Better, right?

    Know where you need to be

    Where is the classroom for my new elective? And where do I have to be next? My RUAS makes sure that you don't have to search endlessly for your classrooms. It's all in your personal calendar.

    If you see the HR logo next to a lesson orassessment, it means your class is at one of our school locations. Lessons and assessments without the logo are held online. So, you will never be late because you couldn't find the right location. One less thing to worry about.


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