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    Being in control during your studies

    During your studies, you of course want to know how you are doing. How many credits do you still need? Which subjects will require some extra effort? And which subjects are going well? With My RUAS, you are kept fully informed of your study progress. It’s a good thing to have no surprises!

    “Thanks to My RUAS I know exactly what my study progress is.”

    Jeremy second-year student Communication and Multimedia Design

    What's Jeremy's experience with My RUAS?

    I have been using My RUAS since the beginning of my studies. It's really nice to have a clear overview of my credits. How many do I already have? How many do I still need to start an internship, for example? And what work is left to do for those last credits? Everything is listed in a clear pie chart. And when there are new grades, I receive a push notification, ideal! I know exactly how my studies are going. That clarity is very nice. .”

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    A clear summary of your progress

    Pling! It's handy to get a notification when you get a new grade for a course. How many credits will that be? How many credits do you still need? And what do you still have to do to get those credits? You can find it all in a very clear My RUAS overview.

    So, you know exactly how you are progressing and what actions you still need to take. Clarity and peace of mind. Great!


    In My RUAS you have a nice overview of everything. This also applies to your registrations. For which courses and tests are you registered and for which minor and which resit do you still have to register? That way you will never forget to register.


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