Different ways our students are using My RUAS?

    This is how My RUAS helps students organise their studies better

    My RUAS shows all your grades, to do’s, and time planning in one spot. Find out how this is helping our students in their daily student life.

    “My RUAS makes my life easier.”

    Dennis, second-year student Communication and Multimedia Design

    “When I started studying, I was a bit nervous, but thanks to My RUAS, that soon disappeared. I have all important information about my studies in one place: schedules, grades, teachers' contact details, you name it. It is also very nice to have a clear overview of my study progress. For instance, during my first year I regularly checked how many credits I still needed to pass my propaedeutic year. At first, I mainly used the app, but now I also regularly check the web version when I'm on my laptop. That way, I no longer need to see other platforms when I want to consult the most important information about my studies. My RUAS makes life a lot easier."

    “I know exactly where and at what time my lesson is.”

    Rosa, second-year student Management

    "Just before I go to sleep, I always check tomorrow on My RUAS. It's nice to have everything in one place, so that I don't have to log in to different places to find out when and where my lessons are. This way, I have a clear overview of what to expect the next day. And I am never late for class, ha-ha." 

    “At school, travelling and at home; I use My RUAS everywhere.”

    Zeyad, third-year student Business Operations

    "I use My RUAS mainly because I find it so useful to be able to access my schedule and grades 24/7. Whether I'm at school, out and about, or at home, thanks to the app I always have the latest information on me. Normally I would have to log into Osiris or Hint, but now I can just grab my phone. For example, in the evening to check my schedule or read my email. And when I get a notification of a new grade, I can check it right away. Because it is so fast, I have more time for other things

    “Thanks to My RUAS I know exactly what my study progress is.”

    Jeremy, second-year student Communication and Multimedia Design

    "I have been using My RUAS since the beginning of my studies. It's really nice to have a clear overview of my credits. How many do I already have? How many do I still need to start an internship, for example? And what work is left to dofor those last credits? Everything is listed in a clear pie chart. And when there are new grades, I receive a push notification, ideal! I know exactly how my studies are going. That clarity is very nice. "