Pearson e-books (via Bookshelf)

    ICT, engineering, chemistry, business

    VitalSource Bookshelf is a virtual library where you can borrow e-books from publisher Pearson for a short period of time. You must create a personal account once to do so.


    To make use of the e-books in this collection you have to do the following (one time only):

    1. Go to the database via SurfConext.
    2. Click on "Continue Without an Account". Providing your e-mail address is only necessary when you want offline access to the e-books by means of the Bookshelf app.


    • In the top left there are 2 tabs: "Library" lists the books you have borrowed. "Explore" lets you browse the collection.
    • When you want to look inside a book, hover the cursor above the book cover and click on "Borrow". When all available licenses are in use it will say "all copies in use". 
    • The current loan period is 2 hours.