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    Requesting books and articles elsewhere

    by Inter Library Loan (ILL)

    Found a book or article that's not available in our collection? Often you can still obtain it by requesting it from another university library. This service is free for employees, students pay a fee of €2,50 for an article and €7,50 for a book. The fee is added to your START account (after delivery) and you can pay it later in the library with your bank or creditcard.

    How can you request a book or article?

      Via START

    1. Start searching in START
    2. Set the Search in These Libraries filter on "Libraries Worldwide" or "Bibliotheken in Nederland".
    3. Find the book or article you need and click on the title.
    4. Click on  and fill in the form. Books or articles that are available in our own collection cannot be requested elsewhere. 

      With Library Access

    The Library Access browser extension automatically shows a popup to request an article whenever you find something that's not available through our databases.
    More information

      Manually via our ILL form

    Complete this online form for your book or article request.