Testimonial Miguel Vicente

    The Netherlands is an amazing country (and it's not just Amsterdam!) Cheese, tulips, wooden shoes, bike paths and bicycles parked anywhere offer the best experience. Not to mention the city that welcomed me: Rotterdam.

    "Hogeschool Rotterdam is very organised and has a demanding education system, but which accompanies students step by step in the projects. The informal relationship between teachers and students is fantastic, cheerful and very healthy.

    From the city itself... what can I say? The mix between the old city and the huge buildings, the nightlife, the bicycle to take me anywhere, friends from all over the world, multiculturalism, nature within the city and the landscapes allow a unique experience for anyone. It is no coincidence that the city's motto is “Rotterdam: Make It Happen!”.
    Here are some tips based on my personal experience:
    1. Build an interest in other languages and don't be afraid that your English will not be enough. Everyone had the same fear before going. You will see your English improving every day. All (or almost all) Dutch people speak English and you will return home capable of understand perfectly the All-American accent or even the British itself.
    2. You will never be alone. You will meet people from all over the world who would think the same way and you will end up having a lot of fun and making friends forever, with people around the world. Advantage of being away after Erasmus? Whenever you visit them, you don't pay your stay.
    3. Spend as much time as possible outside. Parks, bars, college, there's a lot to do and you'll never want to stop! You will only stop when you fall asleep, IF you fall asleep.
    4. Explore other cities, or countries, if possible. You will feel home when you return to your Erasmus city, and what a feeling that is for those 6 months!
    5. Get ready to hear the name Cristiano Ronaldo every time you mention that you are Portuguese.
    6. If possible, use a bicycle or feet for transportation and get to know the city. Besides you pay attention to what is going on, you do a physical exercise! And with the parties, food and drinks, believe that those 15 minutes of cycling to college will help!"
    Miguel Vicente, Portugal
    Original article was published in the Portugese newspaper GeoLearning by the student association of Miguels bachelor degree (NEG-FCSH).