School of Financial Management

    Financial study programmes in Rotterdam

    The school trains students to become competent, entrepreneurial professionals with a wide-ranging starter qualification for national and international positions.


    Business weeks

    International network

    Every year, hundreds of students from all over Europe and sometimes further afield, take part in the Network of International Business Weeks. These students study Financial Management and/or International Business. Dozens of students from the School of Financial Management also attend these International Business Weeks every year. For one week, students endeavour, in cooperation with foreign students, to solve an international business case.


    International Tax Weeks

    For Fiscal Economics students

    Every year, dozens of Tax students from Belgium, Germany, France, England, Italy and The Netherlands take part in an International Tax Week. These students study Fiscal Economics and gather for a whole week to work on an international tax case. For one week, students endeavour, in a cross-cultural setting, to solve a cross-bordering tax problem.

    "The expectations I had before are fulfilled and the reality was even better. I have learned to work with international students and I have improved my English and presentation skills. The Business Week was a success and I hope I will get the opportunity to do something like this again in the future."

    Robin Reedijk, The Netherlands Moscow Business Week, February 2013

    "The Business Week was a wonderful experience for me. I learned a lot regarding risk management, time management and responsibility. Besides this I made a lot of new friends who I will be most likely visiting next year. It was an exhausting but fun week. I really hope the next group of students will have such a good week as I had!"

    Sander Dollee, The Netherlands Rotterdam Business Week, November 2012

    Student conferences

    Meeting places

    Student conferences are meeting places for internationally-oriented students. They provide educational input, with practical advice, and the opportunity to meet and interact with other students in a different environment. And it is great fun! Every year students from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences participate in the Unité Student Conference Edinburgh (GB) and an International Week in Schmalkalden (D).

    Guest speakers from multinational companies, for example large accountant firms, and guest speakers from large recruitment agencies which cooperate (for example) with Shell, are invited to share their expectations and experiences with students. Workshops, company and cultural visits offer students the opportunity to interact and practice their English skills.

    “I didn’t really expect anything from the conference. I knew that a lot of student where participating and that you had to work with them. At the end of the conference I learned a lot and gather a lot of interested and important information.”

    Chantal Lachman, The Netherlands Edinburg, 2011

    "It was a great week and I can say I learned a lot! I can say that my mission to learn more about the culture and the English language is completed."

    Ferry Scholten, The Netherlands Edinburg, November 2012


    To big metropolitan cities

    Twice a year students in the international semesters IBEX and IBaC go for a field trip to big metropolitan cities. They visit various companies and get a glimpse of the rich culture of the country. All second year Business Economic students get the chance to visit the European institutions in Brussels.

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