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    The school trains students to become competent, entrepreneurial professionals with a wide-ranging starter qualification for national and international positions.



    With an international focus

    Our students participate in different projects and competitions with international students around the globe.

    Network of International Business Schools (NIBS)

    The Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) is a group of business schools from around the world which believe that the internationalization of business and the globalization of the economy are essential elements in the evolution of managerial practices. 

    NIBS members believe that higher education and training must integrate a strong international dimension, including the practice of foreign languages, the study of comparative management techniques and the experience of working and studying abroad. 

    With its NIBS partners The School of Financial Management is strongly involved in student and faculty exchanges. Main focus is on special projects and competitions:

    Start-Up Café

    In 2010 the School of Financial Management began its own Start-Up Café. It is an initiative to raise the level of entrepreneurship in our student community.

    The idea of Start-Up Café is to link physical support services with virtual support into a worldwide network. This means that universities all over the world - involved in Start-Up Café - create a physical café and contribute to the virtual café website for their home country. Each country website is linked to all other Start-Up Café websites. At the moment about 20 institutions in many countries worldwide have signed-up to join Start-Up Café world: from the USA to Thailand, from Finland to South-Africa.

    The objectives of the Start-Up Café are:

    • to embed entrepreneurship and to raise (international) business awareness;
    • to provide a comprehensive service to a range of support services for start-ups.

    To reach these objectives we use case studies, best practice business plans, e-network and forum, news items, links to other key websites, link to alumni websites, entrepreneurship toolbox and links to other Start-Up Café websites.

    NIBS Worldwide Business Case Competition

    Since 2009 our students go to places all over the world: the United States, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, etc. They are part of a once-in-a-student-lifetime experience. From Monday to Friday they have to solve several real life business cases during the Case Competition. For every case, they have to prepare a solution which has to be presented to a jury.

    The competition consists of teams responding to cases or business problems and offering ideas, feedback, and solutions. The teams have four hours to prepare their response to the cases with no outside help. There are several rounds and in every round each team has to compete against another. After both teams have presented, the judges determine a winner. Part of the training is competing in other Case Competitions in Europe, e.g the one in Leuven, Belgium, in October.

    Teams who competed in previous competitions include teams from: Bishop's University, Concordia University and Memorial University (all Canadian); Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland; Helsinki School of Economics, Finland; Schools of Financial and Commercial Management, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; International Business Academy, Denmark; Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven, Belgium; Tennessee Technological University and many, many more.

    NIBS Worldwide Business Plan Competition

    Students select a service or product that doesn't exist yet and write a business plan. During the project students deal with all financial and commercial elements required to develop a solid business plan using known and new theories. In a kick-off meeting, workshops and consultancy meetings, students acquire the required background and progress information. At the end of the training students present their business plans to a jury consisting of professors from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and external professionals (usually self-employed), followed by a Q&A session. The best team submits its plan and a short film to the NIBS board to be selected to play against teams from other business schools in a final during the NIBS conference (video-conference in May).


    International network of higher education institutes

    The School of Financial Management is a member of Businet. Businet is a network of international higher education institutes that share a common ethos regarding internationalisation. At the moment the organization has 87 members and is represented in 27 countries. Businet was established to develop international programmes in business and to promote opportunities for institutes of higher education, their staff, and their students.

    With its Businet partners the School of Financial Management carries out several projects. Examples are Benchmarking and Ethical Behaviour.


    A non-profit consortium of universities worldwide

    The Magellan Exchange provides an opportunity for students to study and take part in an internship (in some cases) in another country at an affordable cost. Participating in the student exchange program is the ideal way to learn about another culture and country. The future requires global knowledge and being at ease in other cultures, and studying abroad is the perfect opportunity to develop these skills.

    With its Magellan partners the School of Financial Management is involved in exchange programmes, social projects and summer courses.

    International Business Game

    Playing a management game

    Every spring, a team from the School of Financial Management meets ten other teams from ten countries all around the world to gather for an international meeting in which they form companies. While playing a business management game, they discover national, cultural and educational peculiarities in social and business behaviour and try to find solutions with the aim of outperforming their competitors in the market. If successful, the companies grow and shareholders enjoy a higher dividend due to increased profits and more efficient management strategies.

    The International Business Game isn't only about business management. There are also social events in the form of volleyball and table tennis tournaments.

    Where do we go?

    Destinations can be Switzerland, Germany, Indonesia, China, Belgium, The Netherlands, United States, Abu Dhabi, Portugal, Finland or Russia. The final takes place in the form of a general meeting of shareholders in Sevilla (2012), New York (2013), St Petersburg (2014), etc.

    International Digital Projects

    Real-life business cases

    During a period of several weeks students can participate in multinational groups and all group members work together on issues in a real-life business case. They cooperate with each other on daily or weekly basis - it depends on the topic - through social media. The final products are presented on tape and sent to lecturers and specialists in the field.

    Every year, the School of Financial Management forms teams with partner schools from around the world to carry out such digital international projects.

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