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School of Financial Management

Financial study programmes in Rotterdam

The school trains students to become competent, entrepreneurial professionals with a wide-ranging starter qualification for national and international positions.


The School of Financial Management offers four year bachelor programmes to Dutch students and exchange programmes for one or two semesters to international students. 

Exchange programmes

6 months or 1 year

When it comes to international business, Rotterdam is the place to be! Europe's biggest port, the financial and business heart of the Netherlands, many international companies, a multicultural city ... a true gateway to the rest of the world!

The exchange semesters have a solid practice-oriented programme developed in consultation with the international business community. The programmes are open for Dutch students and international students. In order to be accepted as an exchange student, your university should have a bilateral agreement with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Because of these agreements, students do not have to pay a tuition fee in Rotterdam.

"The course is completely different than every classes that I have ever had in my life, they give you autonomy and put pressure on you as coaches, not as teachers. We rarely have "classical" lectures; we are always involved in the resolution of real business cases. When we need some lessons or some guidance the coaches can help you. This course is more like real business life than just classes about business experience. We have to face the situations inside a company as their manager.”

Fernando Henrique Goncalves International student Brazil

"I come from a very practice-orientated university, therefore this programme is very much what I was looking for. Starting with improving our presentation skills, we also learned to react quickly to changes and work under pressure. Although our time is very limited to solve the business cases, we are able to make it and improve every time. This also means that our teamwork is strained by the pressure, but the teams are not teared apart from it, instead we get even closer. The whole group is grown together within a few weeks and every Thursday we meet after school and go to a pub, restaurant or bowling. Everyone can be part of it and friends that are visiting can just join us."

Sonja Dehlwes International student Germany

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