School of Financial Management

    Financial study programmes in Rotterdam

    The school trains students to become competent, entrepreneurial professionals with a wide-ranging starter qualification for national and international positions.


    Welcome to the School of Financial Management

    Financial business markets are entirely globalized, national markets do not exist any longer. The Dutch economy is an open economy and is strongly dependent on international trade and business activities. Businesses therefore, require financial students to be receptive to knowledge on international issues.

    We aim to prepare students for a financial business career. The international focus is strong, because international perspective and awareness in business approach is a must.

    Our mission: "Active and employable citizens in society"

    International network of corporate relations

    The School of Financial Management cooperates closely with internationally oriented businesses and organizations in the region. Moreover, the School of Financial Management has an extensive international network of corporate relations. This network fosters the acquisition of international assignments for project groups, international internships and graduation assignments.

    International network of partner universities

    The School of Financial Management has a very extensive international network of partner universities on all continents of the world. This network fosters the exchange of students and staff and encourages collaboration projects. Attractive exchange programmes, international business weeks, field trips, international research, competitions, staff exchange ... it all belongs to the wide range of attractive international possibilities for students and staff.


    The School of Financial Management offers four Bachelor programmes to Dutch students: Business Economics, Accountancy, Banking & Insurance, and Fiscal Economics.

    The school also offers an exchange programme to Dutch and international students: Business Pressure Cooker. This practice-oriented programme has been developed in consultation with the international business community.


    Students are encouraged to participate in international activities in the form of international weeks. They can participate in business weeks, student conferences and fieldtrips.


    The School of Financial Management is involved in numerous projects and competitions which are carried out with excellent cooperation from the national and international business community.

    Guest lectures

    Every academic year, professors from our partner universities abroad come to Rotterdam to give guest lectures at the School of Financial Management. Our professors also give guest lectures at our partner institutes. We can offer our partners a wide range of topics, from Risk Management to Ethical banking, from Organizational Behaviour to Cross-Cultural Awareness, from Business Administration to Cartels, etc.


    At Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences several Research centres are active in which research is conducted. Members are professors and students. A good example is the Research Centre Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation, strongly related to the School of Financial Management.