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Immersive Tech Week

27 November through 1 December

Immersive Tech Week 2023 was a success! The Playground was well attended, students worked with great enthusiasm on the challenges during the Hackathon and the Student XR Awards were awarded to up-and-coming talents in the field of immersive technology. In short, there was a lot to see and experience. Below we report on the different components of this unique event.


Student XR Awards

On 30 November, four awards were presented during the ceremony of the Student XR Awards. The jury consisted of six experts in the field of XR. Sarah Shaban handed the awards to the winners. She was one of the winners of the first edition of the Student XR Awards. During the opening speech by the chairman of the jury, Gudule Martens, it was once again made clear why these awards are important. "XR technology is still too widely used as a replacement for analogue technology. Immersive technology offers opportunities that you wouldn't otherwise have, such as letting people feel what an epileptic seizure feels like. Thus, XR technology can be a smart tool to increase empathy and understanding. It is mainly the students who discover these new possibilities," said Gudule Martens. 

The big winner was Ringailė Demšytė with her project Invisible Fungi, where you could discover how fungi are an essential part of our lives. She graduated with this project from the Willem de Kooning Academy. She won two awards in the category Most Impactful Project and Best Immersive Application.  

The other two prizes went to Floris van Laethem with the project Realmbreak Hotel (Best Art Project) and Dylan Smit with the project Advanced Mesh Interaction (Most Innovative Project). The honourable mentions went to the project &Samhoud app by Showie Gau and Tommy Huynh and the short film The Rescue of Aiden by Anouk Kuijten en Shanna Koopmans. Also, Niels Voskens got an honourable mention for his short film Greenhouse Insanity. 

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