Immersive Tech

    2024 – 2025

    Immersive Tech includes all technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The impact of these technologies is very diverse and applications can be found in training, simulations in construction, industry, healthcare, culture and media. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences trains students to use and develop immersive technologies in an innovative and responsible way in their field of study.


    Save the date: Hackathon Immersive Tech Week Rotterdam

    2 december – 4 december 2024

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has been a partner of Immersive Tech Week (4 – 6 December 2024) for a few years. It is an event that offers a unique insight into the possibilities of immersive technology. One of the highlights of this programme is the hackathon! Students work together in a transdisciplinary way on immersive, innovative solutions to one of the challenges!

    You can watch a video here to get an impression of Immersive Tech Week 2023.

    An event for every discipline

    During this event, students will learn all about the possibilities of immersive technology! Students work in a transdisciplinary team for 3 days on an innovative solution for one of the challenges, hosted by external partners. Consider, for example, healthcare & haptic technology, society in the future or an empathetic, virtual avatar!   

    We are looking for students from different disciplines from different domains. Are you a software or hardware developer, 3D artist or storyteller? Or are you, for example, a student in healthcare or marketing & business? Or do you know students who would like to participate? Encourage them to participate in the hackathon! By participating, students gain unique experience and can win great prizes!

    Are you unsure about how you can contribute to the hackathon? Take a look at the different role descriptions or contact us

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