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Immersive Tech Week

27 November through 1 December

Immersive Tech Week 2023 was a success! The Playground was well attended, students worked with great enthusiasm on the challenges during the Hackathon and the Student XR Awards were awarded to up-and-coming talents in the field of immersive technology. In short, there was a lot to see and experience. Below we report on the different components of this unique event.



Discovering invisible fungi, getting scared in a horror game, walking through a desolate hotel corridor and hearing a digital Bart de Graaf talk again. It could all be seen and experienced on the Playground. There was something new to see every day at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences stand. On Wednesday, the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences displayed their projects such as the holofan and digital humans. On Thursday, the nominees of the Student XR Awards showed off their projects. As a visitor to our stand, you could end the week with a jumpscare in the horror short story of the Grafisch Lyceum. Whether it was a real experience or whether a video could be watched, all attracted the necessary attention of visitors. Compliments were exchanged, questions were asked and new plans were made to work together in the future. The interaction on the Playground was therefore not only fun but also very useful for plans. 

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