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Immersive Tech Week

27 November through 1 December

Immersive Tech Week 2023 was a success! The Playground was well attended, students worked with great enthusiasm on the challenges during the Hackathon and the Student XR Awards were awarded to up-and-coming talents in the field of immersive technology. In short, there was a lot to see and experience. Below we report on the different components of this unique event.


Immersive Tech Week

The doors to the world of immersive technology were wide open during Immersive Tech Week 2023. The event offered a unique insight into the new developments around immersive technology. There was plenty to see, hear and experience in terms of VR, XR, AR and more.  

In collaboration with VR days, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences organized a program for students to put themselves in the spotlight, gain knowledge and contribute to a better and more social world. The results of the Hackathon were surprising and innovative such as pictionary with haptic gloves and making music in AR. 

The visitors to the event were a mix of students, the industry and other interested people. If you had managed to get a free ticket as a student, you could visit the entire event in addition to the student program. You could walk around the fair, and attend workshops and lectures. There was enough to keep you entertained for a whole day or even several days.   

Watch the video below to get an impression of the Immersive Tech Week 2023.

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Sjoerd Joosen wrote an extensive special about the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences as a knowledge partner of this edition's Immersive Tech Week. Find the article here