International project

    Faculty of Architectural and Construction Engineering

    The faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering has set up the international project as a central element in its approach to the international dimension of the curriculum. This project gives the students at the end of their second study year the opportunity to work on an international assignment in interdisciplinary groups.

    The assignments are developed in collaboration with partnered professionals and/or schools abroad and always include an element of research into the local cultural and physical context. For each students’ specialism a specific research question is formulated, allowing each student to deepen their knowledge as well as to contribute to an integral solution proposal.

    When possible students from our faculty travel to the country of the assignment and students of the partner schools come to Rotterdam to work together. In other cases students collaborate with students abroad online, as is the case with the assignment in Mumbai.

    We are proud to present on this platform the results of the students’ work.

    Projects 2022-2023

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