School of Built Environment

    The built environment faces major social and societal challenges. For instance, how to transition to new and more durable ways of energy usage or how to deal with heavy rain, drought or heat stress caused by climate change. We educate our students in such a way that they will make a difference as future professionals in solving these wicked problems.


    An unique combination of programmes

    The School of Built Environment consists of a unique combination of programmes that approach the challenges in the built environment from a technical, social and economic perspective. This multidisciplinary approach is where our strength lies. By working together, we create the ability to renew and innovate our sector towards a future-proof built environment. We have broad knowledge and expertise to develop, design, build, manage and renovate the built environment. But also to critically examine and improve the use of that environment.

    Working on social and societal challenges

    The built environment faces major social and societal challenges. For example, how to use more durable building materials and how to re-use them in a circular way.  These challenges are complex, uncertain and change over time. Moreover, solutions increasingly arise at the boundaries of disciplines, roles and backgrounds. That is why we link our education to these challenges. Students develop solutions for these challenges while learning and researching. They do this by looking beyond the boundaries of their educational programme and by working together with stakeholders. In this way they develop professionally and personally, while learning to develop relevant and useful solutions for a livable, inclusive and future-proof society.

    In Rotterdam

    We have long roots and are strongly entangled in the fibers of the city of Rotterdam. A vibrant port city in a delta with an international character and a (culturally) diverse population. Most of our students live in Rotterdam or the Greater Rotterdam area and are directly influenced by the social and societal challenges the city faces. This context creates a daring learning environment. Major global developments are clearly visible and sensible in Rotterdam. To make local impact, we look at international examples and developments.

    Because of the international character of the city and our international outlook, after graduation, our students can work anywhere in the world.


    Where you can find us
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    G.J. de Jonghweg 4 - 6 3015 GG Rotterdam