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Strategic Agenda of RUAS

Our mission

We educate students to become highly qualified professionals for the jobs of today and tomorrow and develop practice-based knowledge and innovations that contribute to a sustainable society.

Talent for transition

Strategic Agenda 2023-2028

A summary of what we will be working on together in the coming years. Talent stands for educating professionals, our social mission. Transition stands for the rapidly changing world, with major societal issues that require our teaching, research, and students to do something different from what we were used to.

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Four Societal Challenges

Sustainable Delta

Take the energy transition seriously: replace fossil fuels with non-emitting and renewable energy sources. Contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Future-proof economy

Working with new, meaningful economic models and contributing to circular production, services, and consumption chains. Making urban and port logistics chains more sustainable.

A vibrant community

Reducing gaps in education, health, wealth, and well-being and increasing social participation. Making the transition from healthcare to healthy living and increasing citizens’ self-sufficiency and resilience.

Smart & Social City

Responsible digitalisation and design of production processes, services, and infrastructure in and around the city.

Our ambitions

Our core values


We take responsibility by educating students who find their place in society and help society move forward. We take responsibility by helping shape social tasks.


We see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow from. With that attitude, we train our students to become resilient professionals and gear our organisation to agility.


We bring people together. To (learn to) work together. To (learn to) live together. To (be able to) belong somewhere. A school where everyone feels welcome, safe, seen and known.


We give students access to equal opportunities in society, based on talents and ambitions. Our teaching and practical research contribute to reducing inequality of opportunity.