21st Century Visual Culture

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    As of 2016, 21st Century Visual Culture supersedes Creating 010’s formerly separated research programs on new media and on cultural diversity.

    Globalization processes, aesthetic, cultural, technological and social shifts put into question the traditional Western art and design system as it has been established in the 19th and 20th century. The creative field currently emerging out of art and design looks radically different from what is told in art history books. In our line of research, we investigate the accelerating transformation of creative disciplines towards a larger field of visual culture. We do not know yet what this field will eventually look like; through our research we aim to be able to anticipate what the future of this field will look like.

    As a practice-oriented research group affiliated to the art and design study programs of Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA), we closely work with students, teachers and practitioners in the field. Our task is to both research and develop creative practices that substantiate the developments in contemporary visual culture.

    First established in cultural studies, Visual Culture is a discipline that analyzes interrelations of the visual and non-visual world, cultural phenomena, socio-political, technological and economic developments in society. Visual Culture therefore encompasses more than simple visuality, includes diverse media and operates at the intersection of practical, philosophical, technological and political debates and initiatives.


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