Creating 010

    Digitization and social transformations


    Creating 010 is a Research Centre that focuses on transformations in society that are related to ongoing digitisation and to developments in the field of information and communication technology. Creating 010’s research always considers people within their social context. Designers, developers and appliers of technology all play an important role in this regard; the choices they make allow them to address the often difficult challenges posed by technology, for example by opting for secure data storage and open source software. They are also in a position to shape future developments, by considering the needs of users, stakeholders and society at large in the design of not only products and services, but also shopping districts and cities. This is also the perspective from which Creating 010 contributes to the development of innovative educational concepts.

    Another important consideration is how ICT and digitisation can facilitate the development of networks of individuals, organisations and businesses, thus promoting further innovation and development. This is why Creating 010 also researches new models for realising in practice the added value of networks for citizens, institutions and businesses.

    The main sectors we consider are the creative industry and ICT, both of which play a key role in defining the form and content of transformations in sectors such as social care and healthcare, entrepreneurship, retail, and urban development. Creating 010 collaborates closely, though by no means exclusively, with the Institute for Communication, Media and Information Technology (CMI) and the Hub: Technology (HR WERKplaats Techniek). Creating 010 approaches its research themes from an interdisciplinary perspective, often in collaboration with social partners, educational institutes and research centres within and outside the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.