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Happy Friends, Positive Minds!

Longitudinal research into the effectiveness of a depression prevention programme for girls in early adolescence

With the entry into force of the Appropriate Education Act (Wet Passend Onderwijs) in 2014, a duty of care for school boards has come into effect. The duty of care is one of the policy instruments used by the government to bring about improvements in the system for pupils with specific educational needs. In concrete terms, this means that a school must provide appropriate education and support for pupils.


Project facts

The facts at a glance


VU Amsterdam, Coventry University (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences), Municipality of Rotterdam, Yulius Academy, Subsidie Advies Bureau, partnership VO Noordelijke Drechtsteden, Koers VO


  • Professor Dr Pol van Lier, Professor in Clinical, Neuro- & Developmental Psychology at VU Amsterdam, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences;
  • Dr Marieke Buil, post-doc VU Amsterdam, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences;
  • Dr Kim Bul, research fellow Coventry University (UK), Faculty of Health and Life Sciences;
  • Denis Wiering, programme manager Youth Policy Municipality of Rotterdam;
  • Dr Athanasios Maras, leading professional Yulius Education & director Yulius Academy;
  • Cees Nugteren, director of the partnership VO Noordelijke Drechtsteden;
  • Bertil Boshuizen, director Koers VO;
  • Paul Bierhaus and Zita Bebenroth, YipYip.


Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek (40.5.19630.059) and SIA KIEM


1-7-2019 to 30-6-2024

Research programme

Optimalisation of Learning Processes of Research Centre Urban Talent. Theme: Class management (VO).