SeCZ TaLk

    Breaking the silence with SeCZ TaLK

    Publication date: 01 January 2011

    SeCZ TaLK is a board game for adolescents with a chronic condition or handicap. It was developed in order to make topics such as relationships, intimacy and sexuality negotiable and to convey information and knowledge on these topics.


    Facts and figures


    The board game was developed by:

    • The project team On Your Own Feet from the research group Transitions in Care
    • TransitionNet, a network of rehabilitation care providers;
    • Rutgers WPF in Utrecht;
    • Erasmus MC Paediatrics;
    • Erasmus MC Rehabilitation;
    • Sophia Rehabilitation in The Hague;
    • BOSK, association of disabled persons and their parents. 


    The development of the board game and the evaluation in care and education was made possible by the financial support of the Rehabilitation Fund, the Johanna Children's Fund  (Johanna Kinderfonds), the VSB fund, and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The game was designed by Gamesformotion.



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