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Breaking the silence with SeCZ TaLK

Publication date: 01 January 2011

SeCZ TaLK is a board game for adolescents with a chronic condition or handicap. It was developed in order to make topics such as relationships, intimacy and sexuality negotiable and to convey information and knowledge on these topics.


The SeCZ TaLK board game can be found in almost all rehabilitation centres, special education centres, and academic hospitals. The game was evaluated by 154 professionals through a web questionnaire, twelve interviews with professionals and five focus group discussions with adolescents in different schools for special education. The largest proportion of users are in living arrangements, daytime activity centres and schools for special education. Professionals in living arrangements and daytime activity centres found making sexuality and relationships discussable more important than professionals in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, schools and patient organisations. The usefulness and applicability of the game is rated the highest amongst teachers and the lowest amongst hospital professionals. However, the latter group does give the highest rating for the game, denominated in a score (8,6). More than half of the professionals (62%) used the game and 83% indicate that they see possibilities for future use. Professionals and adolescents are positive about the game and see more positive than negative factors. Professionals are least positive about finances as a precondition, the possibilities for promotion of expertise, gathering a group of adolescents, the possibilities for integrating SeCZ TaLK into a treatment plan and alignment with current methods. This is especially true if there is existing structure in which discussions about sexuality and relationships can take place. A reprint of SeCZ TaLK (by Rutgers WPF) in 2013 offers the possibility to give continued attention to making sexuality and relationships a discussable topic in care and education in the future.