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Dr. Peter Troxler

Professor Revolution in Manufacturing


By Dr. Peter Troxler

Community-based business models: insights from an emerging maker economy

Community of technology, unleash your power to educate

a new organizational approach to integrate competence, knowledge and solution driven pathways

A next step towards FabML: a narrative for knowledge sharing use cases in Fab Labs

What's next for open hardware and design?

From material scarcity to artificial abundance: the case of FabLabs and 3D printing technologies

Beyond Consenting Nerds

Lateral Design Patterns for new Manufacturing

How will society adopt 3D printing?

Building open design as a commons

Developing open and distributed tools for Fablab project documentation

Digital maker-entrepreneurs in open design: What activities make up their business model?

Look who's acting!: applying actor network theory for studying knowledge sharing in a co-design project

Fabrication Laboratories (Fab Labs)

Fab Lab Research Papers: from experiment to expression

Slime Moulds as Designers

Sharing is sparing: open knowledge sharing in fablabs

Socio-technical changes brought about by three-dimensional printing technology

The state of play of Maker education in the Netherlands - Introduction to the Research Papers

Making as Social Fabrication: Towards a new Fab Commons?

DOT O&O: developing research and design skills in the classroom (Dutch secondary education)

Radical Innovation in Urban Development as Making Unfolds Its Potential

City in transition: urban open innovation environments as a radical innovation

Seven years of plenty? Learning at, with, through, from and for the FabLab at Hogeschool Rotterdam

Reinventing the art school, 21st century

Fablabs in design education

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