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Fab Lab Research Papers: from experiment to expression

Publication of Creating 010

P. Troxler | Article | Publication date: 12 August 2018
Starting with a quick and dirty trial at Fab8 in Wellington, New Zeeland, the Fab Lab community has produced a considerable body of research over the past seven years. Together with colleagues Betty Barrett, Tomas Diez and Cindy Kohtala I’ve been carefully developing this endeavour to collect and present research that has been done at FabLabs, with FabLabs, through FabLabs, and for FabLabs. In this paper I recount how the research papers stream developed, I track the topics and how they evolved over time, I present some of my personal highlights, and I try to relate them to the themes of the Third Digital Revolution.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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